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We offer you the possibility to stay in one of our Bolivian host families, which live less than five-minutes walk away from the Spanish school Carmen Vega.

It will give you the opportunity to practice Spanish spontaneously and naturally. Besides, you will live a unique experience with these warm and welcoming families willing to make you discover their country and their culture.

A stay in a host family is very rewarding and will enable you to understand the Bolivian culture and to totally immerse you in the life of Cochabamba. As Cochabamba is a big producer of fruits and vegetables, you’ll also have the chance to discover the traditional meal made by your host! You will be consider as a real member of the family and will share the daily life of your family (meals, conversations, outings…) but will keep your freedom and your independence.



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Each student has is own room with a bed, a desk and a wardrobe. The bathroom and the toilets are shared with the family. Some of the family can also host couples in a double bed. You will have the keys of your room and of the house.


You will share the 3 meals of the day with your family. Each family has is own culinary tradition. Usually in Bolivia, the breakfast is a continental breakfast (tea, coffee, bread, marmalade). The lunch is the most important meal of the day and it is made of vegetables, starches, meat and soup. In the evening, the meal is softer and we usually eat toasted bread, snacks and tea.

  Sometimes, the families ask the students if they want to join them for an outing or for the traditional festivities. This is not an obligation but remains an interesting experience to share with them. You could also propose them to do activities together: you are a real member of the family!


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