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How are host families chosen?


Do I keep my independence while living in a host family?


I’m vegetarian, is it a problem for the meals with the family?

The  Spanish school Carmen Vega personally chooses the host family. In order to bring a social dimension to our work, we make the choice to work with modest families, from the middle class. Besides, we know them for a very long time and have a relationship of trust with all the families. The total amount that you pay will go to the families; we do not take any fees on this amount.


Of course you keep your independence and are free to go out and visit the city. However, we ask you to tell your family whenever you will not eat with them for lunch for example, or tell them more about your activities so that they don’t worry while you are not there.

Some of the families will propose you to do some activities with them. This is not an obligation but will enable you to get to know the culture and the daily life of the Bolivians.


If you are vegetarian, the family can adapt his meals. However, it is uncommon to be vegetarian in Bolivia, therefore you could help the family to cook vegetarian meals

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