Individual or group Spanish classes?


In order to ensure the best progression of every student, we propose individual Spanish classes between 1 student and 1 teacher. If you are a group of students with the same level (couples, friends, organized groups), we also offer group classes.


Professional approach


The goal is to communicate. In your Spanish school, we start by studying grammatical rules and some vocabulary in order to be able to communicate. We focus on the oral part of the communication but will also study the written part. This will enables even the beginners to quickly understand and be able to express themselves in Spanish from the easiest conversation to the deepest one, about many different subjects: culture, travels, music, literature, environment, politic, history, education…


The method is systematic and incremental. We gradually study the most important grammatical points and we practice them with oral exercises. Therefore we give the student everything he needs to get by any type of situation.


The method is personalized. We adapt our spanish method to every student or group of students. We also adapt the pace of the study.


The method is dynamic. Based on communication, our method incorporate texts reading, music listening, videos, games and sometimes visits (museums, markets…)


The method is cultural. We are convinced that cultural knowledge is a key to interact with other people. Therefore, we integrate a lot of information about the Bolivian culture and the Latin American culture in our classes.






You do not have the same teacher during your time in the school, but you change professors every day. The method remains the same, but the fact that you have a different professor every time gives more variety in the topics of conversation and in the experiences sharing. We are working as a team with all the teachers. The courses are developed in-house and we often meet to organize the teaching and adapt it to every student. You will be in connection with a real team of teacher.

The teaching language is Spanish, but the teachers can give explanations in French and English if necessary.

The teachers:    


A unique learning materiel of Spanish 




The classes take place in one of our room decorated with typical Bolivians items. Thanks to the climate in Cochabamba, we often have class in the garden or on the terrace, surrounded by the animals of the house (turtle, cats, dogs, hummingbird). We all meet for the break, drink a tea and have a snack, and never stop practicing Spanish. We avoid speaking other languages, and if you do, you’ll be punished and will have to bring the snacks for the next day! 




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