the teachers

spanish teacher

  We have a team of experienced and qualified teachers, graduated from the linguistic career of the University Mayor of San Simon of Cochabamba.

The teachers know English and French, and have some knowledge of German and Portuguese.


The team:

  • Carmen, with an experience of more than 20 years in teaching Spanish to foreigners, she is open-minded thanks her several travels and likes to talk about the Bolivian culture and all the life’s experience.

  • Jacques, husband of Carmen, with an experience of several years in the education, has spent time living with the rural communities of Uyuni. He likes to teach with sketches and talk about the Bolivian history and society.

  • Daniel, young teacher, is very open-minded and always available for the students. He likes to talk about music, cinema, museum and Bolivian festivity. He wills advice you the best places in Cochabamba for you to enjoy your time here!

  • Melissa, young teacher and young mother, very involved in social organization for the improvement of the education and Bolivia and the animal’s rights. She will share with you the different news of the city and the country and will give you the best advices if you want to be involved in a volunteer work.

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