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Is it possible to change the package of class during my stay, or stay longer than I had forecasted?


How is organized a group class?


When does the Spanish class start?

Yes, if you want to, you can for instance start with standard Spanish classes and change to intensive classes (or the other way around), or extend your stay. It is common that our students come for 2 or 3 weeks but finally decide to stay longer!


The students themselves form a group class. One important condition: you need to have the same level and knowledge of the Spanish language. Otherwise you will not be able to learn correctly and efficiently.

A group can be formed by volunteers coming together in Cochabamba, by a couple, or by a group of friends willing to learn Spanish.


The Spanish classes start whenever you want it. A week of class could start any day of the week, except Saturday or Sunday. For instance, a week of class that starts on Monday will finish on Friday, or starts on Wednesday will finish on Tuesday of the next week..

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Do I have to bring any materiel?


What is the schedule of the classes?


 Is the school open the whole year?

We provide the learning spanish materiel necessary for the teaching. You will just have to bring your own notebook and your pens to take notes. We also recommend you to buy a Spanish dictionary in you country because they are expansive here in Bolivia. The school can also lend you his.

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In standard classes, you will have class either in the morning (de 8:15 à 12: 15) or in the afternoon (de 14 :00 à 18 :00). In intensive classes, you will have class in the morning (8:15 to 13:15). During a class in the morning or in the afternoon, there is a break at the middle of the class. We offer a tea/coffee and a snack.

If you take less than 4 hours class, it could be in the morning or the afternoon. We arrange the schedule depending on the availabilities of the student and the school.

The classes happen from Monday to Friday. Exceptionally, you can have class during the weekend but it will increase the cost of the class


Yes, our spanish school Carmen Vega is open the whole year even for Christmas time and New Year’s Eve. However, there is no class on public holidays. These days are: 1st of January, 22nd of January, Monday and today of Carnival, Good Friday, 1st of May, Corpus Cristi, 21st of June, 6th of August, 14th of September, 2nd of November, 25th of December.

You will not pay your class during public holidays. However if you want to have class, and with the agreement of the teachers, you will pay an extra cost of 25%.

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Until what age can I learn Spanish?


Who comes to the Spanish school Carmen Vega?


How long do I need to learn Spanish?

There is no limit! In our school we already have had students from any ages. From the youngest (around 10 years old) who were travelling with their parents, to the oldest (more than 70 years old) who wants to start learning Spanish.

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Men and women from all over the world (from 10 to more than 70 years old).

Travellers who want to learn Spanish in order to communicate with the people in South America and visit Bolivia and the whole continent.

Students who want to learn or improve their Spanish, for professional purpose, enjoying the magic of Bolivia at the same time.

Volunteers who want to spend some weeks or years to help the disadvantaged population of Bolivia.


That’s a hard question because it really depends on each student, his personal work and his capacity to learn a new language. Usually, 3 to 4 weeks are sufficient to reach a basic level to enables you to talk in a simple conversation (to travel for instance). To reach a good level, you will need two months, and 3 to 4 months to reach an excellent level. However, like we mentioned before, it depends of each student, his personal work and his capacity to learn a new language (a student who already speaks several languages will be able to learn faster).


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How do I register?





You only need to download the registration form, to complete it and to send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will answer you to confirm your registration. You don’t need to pay anything in advance; everything is paid once you are here.

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