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We have developed our own learning materiel of the Spanish language, following :

- the grammatical rules of Real Academia Española,

- the Spanish levels of DELE of the l’Instituto Cervantes,

- and the culture of Bolivia and Latin America.

We have developed 5 different books of Spanish lessons:  

Hablando español
Español en poco tiempo 
Hablando español 1
Inicial A1
 Hablando español 2 
Inicial A2
Hablando español 3
Intermedio B
Avanzado C

Beginners who don’t have a lot of time.

Beginners Intermediate (basics) Intermediate (advanced)  Advanced.
Goal To give you the basis of Spanish communication, in order to enable you to get by during a trip. To give you strong basis in Spanish, in order to enable you to communicate in a lot of situations. We recommend it for travelers/backpackers. To reach a better level of Spanish, improve the understanding, and give you the opportunity to express yourself in any situation. For those who want really good basis. To reach a really good level in Spanish, to know all the conjugation, and reach an excellent level of understanding. For those who wants to attain a professional Spanish. To reach an excellent level in Spanish and to master the subtleties of the language. For those who want to be almost bilingual.
Approximate duration 1 to 2 weeks  3 weeks 3 weeks 3  weeks 3 weeks
   spanish in short time  hablado espanol   parler espagnol  spreche deutsch  


Our courses are a great preparation for the DELE (Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language) and the Instituto Cervantes diplomas.  

The materiel is included in the price of the Spanish classes.