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We, Carmen Vega (Bolivian) and Jacques Chenal (Franco-Bolivian), created the Spanish school Escuela Carmen Vega in 2009, combining the long experience in teaching Spanish to foreigners of Carmen (since 1995) and the teaching skills of Jacques.

a big family

The spanish school Carmen Vega is now a big family, welcoming students from all the countries and all the ages. This family is composed of the team of professors, the host families and our NGOs partners.

A school on a human scale

We have created a spanish school on a human scale. Receiving no more than a dozen of students, we follow personally each student in his learning of Spanish, in his integration in a new culture, in his projects of life, travel or cooperation.

Professional Spanish classes

We offer professional Spanish classes, personalized and pedagogical. We have developed our own teaching process of the Spanish language following the grammatical rules of the Real academia Española, the Spanish levels of DELE of the Instituto Cervantes and the Bolivian and the South American cultures.

A solidarity project

Our spanish school is also a place of intercultural exchange and participates to the sustainable and solidary development of Bolivia. Located in a humble neighborhood of Cochabamba, we help the families, support the students in their studies, participate to social works for children and families in need and contribute to the respect of the environment.

 Carmen and Jacques 


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spanish quickly and efficiently at the best prices at the Carmen Vega language school, a professional spanish school on a human scale with values of solidarity and sharing.   in Cochabamba, the city of the eternal spring, rich combination of tradition and modernity, the perfect place to shine all over Bolivia and discover the hospitality and the cultural wealth of the Bolivians.   quickly with the Bolivians who speak the clearest Spanish (or Castilian) of Latin America.   into Bolivia, this magical country with its amazing nature and its age-old culture… In Bolivia the authenticity still exists!