volunteer workvolunteer work boliviahumanitaire bolivieThe Spanish School Carmen Vega offers you the possibility to invest yourself in a volunteer work in professional and reliable institutions. You can be helpful in a lot of fields: children education, care of orphans, environmental protection, healthcare and human rights.

  • We have an institutional relationship with several non-profit social organizations, but depending on your wishes ad expectations we can also look for other institutions or volunteer work.
  • The volunteer work remains volunteer and will not be compensate neither in cash nor in payment in kind (food, meal)..
  • You can start a volunteer work whenever you have a sufficient level of communication in Spanish..
  • If you also have spanish class, you can choose to have class in the morning and to work in the afternoon (or the other way around). Some students decide to extend their stay to take part in a volunteer work.
  • We also propose you the format volunteer work + accommodation. Our spanish school Carmen Vega offers you the accommodation, the volunteer work, assistance and participation of the activities of the school.


We usually work with the following associations:



This association is a non-profit social institution working with children and adolescent from modest income families from Cochabamba (south zone), who live in this quarter due to the intern migration (countryside-city). The aim of the project is to support children and adolescents in their education, their social and emotional life and their sanitary conditions in order to facilitate their full development. The association has 4 different pedagogical centers located in 4 different quarters, and receives more than 200 children.

There are 3 different fields in which you can take part:

  • Academic support: learning-writing activities, basics mathematical operation, recreational activities, and games, in order to give the children the will to learn in an enjoyable way.
  • Socio-educational accompaniment: twice a month, they visit the families or schools to discover the reality of the educational system. Training workshops for children, adolescents and parents about social themes and daily life issues.
  • Nutritional accompaniment: in order to help the children to keep a healthy alimentation, the centers offer a snack made by the parents.

You can invest yourself several afternoons in the pedagogical work with children and adolescents.


2. Therapeutic community of PUNTITI

The community is a non-profit institution that works for the volunteer work cochabambavolontariat bolivievolunteer work cochabamba rehabilitation of mentally disabled children. This institution hosts more than 60 orphans and abandoned children and offers them medical care and rehabilitation. This education center offers a specialized care to these children.

The volunteer can bring his help and time in the morning or in the afternoon, and support one or two children; you will help during the meals and during the activities adapted to the children.



Cecam Bolivia is an organization working for the protection of the environment and the support to humble families of Bolivia. The institution manufactures solar kitchens, ecological wood stoves, composting toilets and ecological houses using clean, renewable and economical energies to help the families. These technologies enable to avoid deforestation, to reduce some infectious and respiratory diseases, to save time and money..

You can participate in a specific project to help a specific population. You will participate in the development and the funding of the project and you also can help the organization with the communication projects of the association.



The Bibliobus propose educational and cultural activities to children and teenagers. The institution travels in a bus to 4 different rural places of Cochabamba where there is no library and where it’s hard to fin cultural activities.

The association proposes to children from 5 to 14 years old activities of reading and writing, art workshops, academic support, teaching games in order to develop their expression and creativity. The reading is the most important part of the project to make that activity become fun, a habit and a basic need..

You can bring your help by participating to the academic activities and even bring new ideas.



Voces Libres works to help women’s liberation and to help children to leave their job in the mines, or in the streets by giving them alternatives. The association is located in several cities in Bolivia and has a foyer in Cochabamba for children and mother victim of the poverty, alcoholism and mistreatments. The organization also brings an academic support to children and teenagers in needs.



Estrellas en la calle is a non-profit private institution trying to improve the life standard of children, teenagers, young adults and families living in the streets and in dangerous situations. The association works on projects for the rehabilitation of theses persons suffering from drug addiction, creates small companies for those who participate in the projects, and avoid the separation of the families. A reception center is located close to the spanish school Carmen Vega.

You normally take part of the project for at least 6 months.



La Casa de la Amistad is located close to a prison of Cochabamba and receives children and teenagers who live/have parents in the prison of Cochabamaba. The goal is to help them in 3 different fields: academic support, Christian education and health care.


8. Parish of LA SALETTE

The catholic parish of La Salette located close to the spanish school Carmen Vega proposes several social activities to help the family with little incomes: school restaurants, kindergarten following the Montessori method, academic support. For those who wish to, it is possible to participate in pastoral actions for children and you people.