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Individual or group Spanish classes for all levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced)

for students from any country and any age.

The best Spanish courses of Bolivia at the best prices.

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Stay in a host family: the best way to practice Spanish and to be completely immerged in the Bolivian culture and the Bolivian life.

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  Possibility to participate to solidary and humanitarian projects in local associations. You can be helpful in a lot of fields: children education, care of orphans, environmental protection, healthcare and human rights.
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Skype Spanish classes: at home, you will have the opportunity to learn Spanish with our Bolivian teachers, prepare your trip to Latin America, or continue your classes  and keep on practicing Spanish ounce you are back in your country.

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Organization of cultural outings: for the big events of the Bolivian culture (Oruro Carnival, pilgrimage of Urkupiña, Tribute to the death Toussaint, tribute to mother Earth Pachamama…) we organize outings with the students and the teachers.

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Assistance to organize touristic outings and travels in Bolivia: the salar of Uyuni, Potosi and his mines of silver, Sucre and his colonial mansions, the national park of Toro Toro, El Chaparé and his tropical forests, La Paz and the Titicaca lake…

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  Salsa and Bachata courses: during your free time you can start Latino dances classes.
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Music classes: discover all the typical instruments of the Andean music (charango, guitar, pan flute, Andean flute…)

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fitness, martial arts, hiking, mountain biking, paragliding, swimming, football, rugby…

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we also offer personal French classes for Bolivian students at the best prices.





And also:

  • Free Wi-Fi access at school.

  • Library with books and touristic guides in Spanish, English, French, German…

  • Free service to pick up the students at the airport.

  • Assistance in case of emergency: health problems, administrative procedures…


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