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How do I get to Cochabamba?


Does someone pick us up at the airport?


Do I need a visa to go to Bolivia?

Cochabamba has an international airport. Some international flights arrive straight to Cochabamba, from Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo. The most common way to get there is to take an international plane to La Paz or Santa Cruz and then take a national flight to Cochabamba. The company are: BOA, AIR EUROPA, ECOJET, TAM and Air Amazonias.

You can also reach the city by bus that come from every city of Bolivia: La Paz, Santa Cruz, Potosi, Oruro, Sucre…or from abroad from Iquique (Chile), Buenos Aires y Salta (Argentina).


For the students who arrive en Cochabamba by plane, The spanish school Carmen Vega proposes you to pick you up for free. You’ll just have to give us the proper information about your trip (time, number of flight and company).

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You don’t need a visa except if you come from the United States. With you passport, you can enter in Bolivia and get a free touristic visa for 90 days, ounce go through the customs.

Sometimes, the customs only give you a visa for 30 days, but you’ll be able to extend it at immigration service of Cochabamba.

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Are Bolivia and Cochabamba dangerous?


Can I travel in the whole country from Cochabamba?



Bolivia is known to be the safest country of South America. Obviously, like in every country of the world, you have to be careful in the big cities by night and in some particular areas. With a little bit of awareness and common sense, you can travel safely in the whole country of Bolivia.

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Cochabamba is located in the centre of Bolivia and enables you to travel easily to the touristic places. The most common way to travel remains by bus: 4 hours to Oruro, 8 hours to La Paz, 12 hours to Uyuni, 10 hours to Potosi, 9 hours to Santa Cruz, 10 hours to Sucre… It is quite cheap to travel in bus (between 25 and 80 bolivianos). From the airport of Cochabamba, you can reach almost every city of Bolivia (La Paz, Santa Cruz, Sucre, Tarija, Cobija, Trinidad…). The price of the plane is more expensive than the bus, but it remains inexpensive in Bolivia.