Our school also proposes  Skype Spanish classes Online. You will have the possibility to easily learn at home with our Bolivian professors. We recommend it for those who want to be ready for a trip through Latin America or for those who wish to continue the classes and to practice Spanish ounce they are back in their country.

The method remains the same as the individual classes and the materiel is sent to you in PDF format. 

Method and material:   

You can register for a contract of 10, 20 or 40 hours.

We let you choose the weekly frequency of the classes, knowing that one class lasts 2 hours. For instance 5 days of 2 hours class, or one 2 hours class per week.

Because of the time difference with Europe, the classes usually happen at the end of the day or at the beginning of he evening. For the USA and Canada, classes usually happen in the afternoon.

We have a good Internet connection at school and don’t have problems with it. However, if any technical problem would ever happen, we will fully refund the class.



The prices 2024


2 hours contract

24 US $

24 euros

160 bs.

10 hours contract

105US $

105 euros

700 bs.

20 hours contract

202 US $

202 euros

1350 bs.

40 hours contract

396 US $

396 euros

2640 bs.


Skype classes are paid by bank transfer to our Bolivian account (in bolivianos or dollars) or to our French account (in euros) before the class.